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Fixing Leaks in the Metro Boston Area

At Lifetime Roofing, we understand the urgency home and commercial property owners feel when dealing with a roof leak. Seeing discoloration on your walls or ceiling, or, worse, dealing with buckets and drips, can be cause for alarm, especially when even a small leak can indicate a larger problem. Fortunately, our team provides solutions for any roof leak and offers same-day estimates for leak repair in Waltham and the Metro Boston area.

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It is important to look for the signs of a roof leak, including:


Roof leaks can cause significant and widespread interior, structural, and electrical damage if not promptly addressed. Water damage can also promote mold and mildew growth and destroy flooring, furniture, and other possessions.

The Expert Service Your Roof Deserves

Once the source of the leak has been located, your roofer can explain the work that is needed to repair it and provide an estimate for the cost. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage to your property. Moving things out of the way and containing the water can help to reduce the amount of water damage.

While many leaks can be fixed, repair is not always the best solution. When the damage is extensive, the roof is old, or the roofing materials are worn out, we may recommend a roof replacement. Fortunately, this can also present the opportunity to upgrade your property and increase its value and curb appeal. There are many styles and colors of roofing shingles to provide the ideal look for every property and budget. Financing is also available for new installations. Our licensed and insured roofing team never takes shortcuts and uses the best quality materials to provide repairs and replacements that last.

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