Negative Reviews: Our Opportunity To Shine

By: Dan McGrath

Nobody wants to be the recipient of a bad review. It means that somewhere along the line we have not fulfilled our obligation to create a great customer experience.

There are many possible reasons but at Lifetime Roofing we never accept less than perfect results for the work we do. You are our friends, neighbors, acquaintances and we want you to experience the best results you imagined.

If something goes wrong you can expect us to;

  • Acknowledge the issue and listen carefully to your complaint
  • Apologize
  • Explain if necessary. NO excuses
  • Communicate the plan to fix the issue and make the situation right
  • Meet to be sure we have done what we promised

Although we strive to make every project perfect, we sometimes miss the mark. But, when we do, It gives us a great opportunity to prove that we never settle for less than our best.

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